DJB Finding Adventure...

You found my little slice of the internet. If you need to contact me, you might try emailing me by my initials, djb, at this website.

True story, I'm in IMDB (and one degree from Kevin Bacon, because the narrator of the movie I'm in was in a movie with Bacon).

And if you're so inclined you can find me on twitter as well as YouTube (I'd really appreciate a YouTube subscribe!). I sometimes make instappearances, too. If you're into highly mediocre code for strange purposes, I have stuff published on GitHub. I also have a few 3D printable designs available on Thingiverse. I have some mildly interesting things on Flickr.

Oh, and my very old and wildly neglected blog is still around. But for new content, check this page as well as the Tips , Tools, and Twitter Stories buttons at the top for newer things.

Banner photo credit to the always amazing and super talented Alisa Muelleck, who literally laid down in the dirt on her back for that shot.