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Last updated: Tuesday, February 23, 2021 at 8:46:24 PM

These days, with nearly everyone being an online content creator of some kind, you may have found yourself in need of shooting video. One thing I think is obvious to most is that video quality tends to go way up if you use a device like a tripod to stabilize your video. But what may be less obvious to most is that there are a lot of ways to stabilize video instead of a tripod. I'll show off a couple of my favorite products here. The first is a simple microphone stand:



It's really three products:

On-Stage MS9212 Heavy-Duty Low Profile Microphone Stand with 12" Base

On-Stage Posi-Lok Mini Microphone Boom Arm

On Stage CM01 Video Camera/Digital Recorder Adapter

The advantages for using a mic stand instead of a tripod for indoor video are many:

  • You have a huge range of height adjustability
  • The footprint is much smaller, so it’s easier to stick the camera in tight spots
  • It takes up less floor space, so you can leave it out
  • It’s easy to move around quickly
  • Mic stands are easy to find secondhand, and nearly all of them use the same standard screw fittings for a variety of accessories

I really like this setup.

Another thing I use is this guy:

SMALLRIG Cool Ballhead Arm Super Clamp Mount Multi-Function Double Ball Adapter with Bottom Clamp for Ronin-M, Ronin MX, Freefly MOVI - 1138

This is a REALLY well made little clamp mount with a fully adjustable angle setup that's super easy to use. It works great as an additional camera mount on the microphone stand, but you can also get creative with it and use it on a lamp post or nearly anything that will fit in those jaws. All of the above should work with your phone with just about any phone holder made to screw onto a camera mount (most) or with any webcam, point and shoot camera, or "real" SLR type cameras. Heavy cameras will not want to hang off the arm on this setup, though, you will want to point that straight up and mount the camera centered (heavy as in big SLR).

I have one of these phone mounts on order and I'll update this post once I use it a little (the one I use now is old and no longer available):

Neewer Smartphone Holder Vertical Bracket with 1/4-inch Tripod Mount - Phone Clip Tripod Adapter Compatible with iPhone 12/11 Pro Max/X/XR, Galaxy S20+/S20, Huawei P40 Pro and Other Phones (Black)

And my final tip is a remote control for starting and stopping your video without having to use the buttons on the phone itself:

Bluetooth Camera Remote Shutter for Smartphones (2 Pack), zttopo Wireless Camera Remote Control Compatible with iPhone/Android Cell Phone - Create Amazing Photos and Selfies, Wrist Strap Included

Those won't win any awards for quality, but they do seem to generally work for the iPhone. You pair them and then the big button works as your Volume Up button would, which in camera mode works as an auxiliary shutter button (you knew that, right?). So it's pretty silly, but in practice works fine up to about 15-20' away. In the setting where you have a camera on a stand, it helps keep you from "moving" the camera after you've gotten it setup exactly how you wanted the shot framed, which is nice. It also lets you start and stop a little closer to your action, which helps keep from wasting phone memory as well as helping with editing since there's less unwanted footage to wade through.